Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix


About Miss Marks

I am unique. Not just in the way that everyone thinks they are; but genuinely, undefinably, deeply, unique.

More often than not, when I see someone, they get in touch afterwards and sometimes even years later to tell me how unique I am and how no one has ever measured up since, drawn them to experiencing the things we did in our session, found the level of intensity we found, or did the things to them with such connection.

When I truly connect with someone; sometimes instantaneously and sometimes over time, in a deep and long term dynamic of submission and Dominance, then the experience possibilities are limitless.

So of course my preference is for longer term interactions although I don’t insist upon it. It is simply how to get the best from a connection with me.

I wish for those in My circle to thrive and become the truest version of themselves finding personal freedom and fulfilment through self-expression in BDSM. I enjoy collaring my subs but it is not a necessary end in order to session with me.

You can read about some of my thoughts and personal experiences below.

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