Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix


About Miss Ruby

I am unique. Not just in the way that many people claim; but genuinely, undefinably, deeply, unique.

When I truly connect with someone; sometimes instantaneously and sometimes over time, in a deep and long term dynamic of submission and Dominance, then the experience and possibilities are limitless. It is not possible for me to have the interactions I want as a professional service provider fulfilling check lists of 'wants' from people applying for one off encounters. I require deep trust running in both directions in order to truly express myself and meet My own sadistic needs. The needs and trust required as sadist in order to be truly comfortable in being a sadist are sadly more often than not neglected. All focus is often on the trust required to submit. Of course this is not something I am in any way dismissing and not something to be taken lightly - the submissive's safety is paramount. But in forgetting the complex relationship a sadist must have had with their own sadism and the process they must have gone through in order to fully express their desires in consensual dynamics, we do a great disservice to everyone. Without trust and comfortability I believe the empathetic sadist will lose themselves in doubt and disorder and be lost psychologically in a way that eventually only causes harm to everyone.

I wish for those in My circle to thrive and become the truest version of themselves finding personal freedom and fulfilment through self-expression in BDSM. I feel deeply the loss of connection a western lifestyle is giving us and I seek to redress the balance with true community in order to combat the loneliness I regularly see and the harm it is doing to society at large. This may seem to be swerving away from the fun and light-heartedness that many seek in their indulgence of kink, but it's something I feel strongly about to the point I have changed My entire life and business model so that I may live authentically and fully in a way that makes Me happy and fulfilled.

I'm naturally a very controlling person with a true sadistic nature. I am also a super empath and highly sensitive. I regularly used to feel overwhelmed and burnt out with the weight of everything I can sense around me. I am conversely a hugely spiritual person and have spent many years contemplating the strange facets of My own personality and the seemingly contradictory nature of all these aspects of who I am. My journey in understanding Myself and My own needs has been complex and at times hard, but in decades of personal development and work I finally feel truly happy to be able to express Myself fully and comfortably and instil healthy boundaries in all aspects of My life.

My professional focus is purely on creating incredible female led content from start to finish. Exploring corporal punishment, female and male domination and fantastical roleplays with a freedom of expression that brings me great joy. I enjoy exploring themes of power and patriarchy, fetishism and subverting social norms. I'm unable to define My sexuality but the closest I can come is to describe Myself as Queer. I have never ever fitted into a box that society wants to provide. Always shunned to the fringes to be left to fend for Myself from day one of My life. My sexuality is greatly influenced by My politics, moral thinking, spirituality and personal desires. This is all played out within the films that I produce. I find great mental freedom in switching off from the world and creating a safe space for Myself and those filming with Me. To simply exist in a fantasy world free from judgement and prying eyes despite the fact this is a performance then displayed for the world to see, it is on My terms only. For this reason I do not accept custom clip orders. My clips are deeply personal expressions of Myself. I am a neuro-divergent, reclusive overthinker and My expressions within Femdom give me the freedom to release Myself from that often painful existence and to finally be Myself without worry or concern for what the neighbours may think. I struggle with chronic pain conditions and have a deep and natural understanding of the complexities of how humans learn to cope with what the world throws at us, from childhood trauma to living with lifelong pain and mental anguish. My kinks are a way for me to exist in the world free from the constraints society constantly tries to put upon us.

I can now very comfortably say I am an extremely skilled practitioner of corporal punishment, specialising in caning in particular. I am a perfectionist and a lifelong athlete and I have deeply studied and thought about the history, psychology and social and anthropological underpinnings or our desires in this regard and continue to do so.

You can read about some of my thoughts and personal experiences below and watch interviews where I discuss these things with fellow kinksters and kink educators.

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