Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix


Welcome to My website. Here you will find everything you need to know about Me including how to apply for sessions and filming, updates on My activities and Femdom lifestyle and an open and honest spotlight on My life and thoughts.

I am an extremely accomplished Dominatrix and Disciplinarian with a penchant for cruel and unusual punishment. I enjoy the control and power play of My D/s dynamics and the growth that can be seen as time goes on and trust grows. My reputation may proceed Me as a sadistic disciplinarian however I care genuinely for those in servitude to Me. Quick encounters will struggle to hold My attention as I would rather put My focus into those truly dedicated to Me. This doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities for one off encounters or more casual dynamics but you won’t be My priority and you apply for them in the knowledge it is not the way to achieve the best from such a dynamic in My opinion.

I am the epitome of the ‘happy sadist’, My reputation is as a cruel and unyielding power in the room and the enjoyment I indulge in when I inflict pain is clear to see. I enjoy dynamics with all people; women, men, non-binary persons and I am highly LGBTQ+ friendly. You will not find judgement in My presence. I am also disability aware and friendly, have a rudimentary knowledge of sign language and will make an effort to make Myself as accessible as required to members of this community. I will always play with respect to limits.

The Latest news on Events, Travels and My Musings

Miss Ruby’s Barbie World
Adult school roleplay filming
The Siren, Doubles in Bristol, Newport


I am now selective with whom I choose to session and a polite approach and demonstrable respect will go a long way to getting you an audience.


I enjoy filming immensely and have several personal submissives who are often involved. I accept applications for filming slaves, especially for hard CP, undoubtedly My personal favourite.


I keep my Travel page up to date on here however there can always be last minute changes. Follow Me on Twitter for the latest


My time is both rare and precious. If you waste it with ‘hey Mistress’ messages, back and forth exchanges that could have been answered in 1 email or otherwise reveal yourself to be disrespectful and willfully stupid then you risk permanently losing the right to session with Me or interact with me in any capacity.

It is very important to remember that filming involves meticulous preparation, attention to detail and the planning of every aspect, not to mention hours of work after the filming has finished. I engage in hours of before and after work to produce the clips you see in My stores. I therefore only film with those with experience/references or those who have had a session with Me. It is categorically not to be seen as a way to gain free session time or cheap interactions with Me. I will find it highly offensive if you display opinions of this nature. Book a session and prove your worth if you want to be considered for future opportunities.

Hopefully you are now able to contact Me with due care and attention, remembering the one thing that is always free will get you the furthest: Impeccable manners!