Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix

Pleasure & Pain Christmas Party

After the success of Our previous 2 parties Miss Suzanna Maxwell and I are pleased to announce Our Christmas extravaganza as an amazing amalgamation of these 2 events.

So We present to you ‘The Pleasure and Pain Party’…. It’s like your Christmas office party with strap-ons and canes instead of Debs getting drunk and snogging the manager in the corner by the water cooler …. And you’ll have so much more fun. We promise.

Kinky Christmas party games, a buffet lunch and lots of pleasure and pain… whose pleasure and whose pain is yet to be decided but the twisted fantastical minds of Miss Ruby and Miss Suzanna know no bounds and judging by the sell out success of Our spanking party and strap on party we fully expect a raucous, fetish filled affair that will make sure those bottoms are toasty warm ready for the long winter months ahead. Santa’s naughty list is nothing compared to Ours so bend over and get ready for the books to be balanced so your stocking can be filled with all those sweet treats you love so much….

Your tribute is £250 for the event, apply below and you’ll be expected as always, to pay for your ticket in full once your application has been accepted.