Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix

Painting the Town R.E.D

So the highlight of My social calendar this winter has got to be attending the R.E.D event in Nottingham hosted by Ma’am Rouge. This was a heavy play event for confirmed heavy players only. I could smell the pheromones of fear before I walked into the room.

I spent the whole of that week envisaging this event like some sort of Goddess sacrificial slaughter. The Women coming together spiritually after so long apart and offering up Their personal hard playing slaves as a gift to the others… a blood offering. This fantasy stayed in My mind all week.

Miss Suzanna Maxwell and I attended together as part of My birthday celebrations. Both taking a suitable ‘goat’ to the slaughter … no innocent lambs were allowed here. Tough old goats who could withstand the onslaught only. We stayed in a gorgeous area not far away and relaxed before heading to the venue, surrounded by full scale religious symbology and impressively imposing architecture that set Our sins in a befitting light before the night began.

I won’t kiss and tell too much; however, the night was incredible and the blood flowed… I adored watching some fabulous Women cane, strap and whip Their way through the offering of bottoms. I learned so much – it doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you might have been doing something … there is *always* space to learn and for me, seeing everyone else cane was an amazing opportunity to gain some experience and to see the power behind Ma’am Rouge and the ferocity of Miss Lesley, or the artistic and incredible technique of Miss Suzanna Maxwell was as much a part of the experience as seeing the bottoms quiver, the blood drip and the screams pierce the intense atmosphere.

Website: Ma’am Rouge
Event: R.E.D. = Relentless Excessive Discipline Femdom Party!