Miss Ruby Marks

A highly experienced and accomplished Dominatrix

How to successfully apply for filming with Me

This advice is for subs who would generally be having a session normally, enjoy filming and are applying for the opportunity to film with Me. This is not for fellow content producers (male/female/non binary) who are wishing to collaborate.

Recently I have received many filming applications that failed at the first hurdle – I have limited opportunities and many applicants, so I can take My pick and My aim is make top selling, high quality content.

Do not apply if you are unwilling to provide ID to be photographed and sign a model release form. Forms cover all future clips made with Me but you will be asked to sign one each time. Material can not be withdrawn afterwards without paying a fee for loss of income per clip produced to recoup loss of future income, costs and time from the shoot and editing process. Details are included in the model release form which will be sent out before the shoot begins - if you don't sign in advance the shoot will be cancelled and any money paid will be forfeited.

You will receive the clips in full HD format for free after I have finished editing them and have released them. This is for private viewing only and any attempt to distribute this content or upload it will be pursued legally. Your model release form also covers this area.

Please fill out the full application form including as much detail as possible! Even if you’re ‘willing to film anything’ it’s not overly helpful to Me as a producer if I have never met you. The best content is produced when both parties are engaged in and fully enjoying what will happen. Your preferences / likes / favourite fetishes and limits help Me to plan a shoot and get an actual idea about who you are as a sub, which helps when coming up with the shoot concept with a person I have never met.

Please do your own research. It’s embarrassing for you when after a few emails back and forth I realise that the person applying has just done so on a whim and hasn’t even looked in My store or has an awareness of how I work. As a bare minimum please familiarise yourself with My content. Have you bought My clips? Followed Me on twitter?

If you are applying for CP then include your capabilities in severity and whether you can be marked and how long the marks can last for. Tell Me what implements you can receive impact from and which body parts. There are clips of all levels of CP in My store. I play hard with masochists and those who request it. Medium severity with long warm ups is totally fine and it is more than possible to make medium and medium/hard content with Me in any area of CP. I always play within limits.

Anything of light severity in CP doesn’t really sell and I only make this content as warm up material. The same goes for spanking/slippering – it simply doesn’t sell well enough to focus a whole shoot around this intensity and those clips are only made as warm -up clips within a shoot including medium-hard impact afterwards. School and domestic roleplay lends itself well to medium level play.

Things that particularly interest Me to film (other things are considered) – domestic roleplay, school roleplay, historical roleplay and cosplay (these shoots are expensive and the sub always contributes!), prison scenes, military roleplay, foot worship, boot domination, ruined orgasms, wellie fetish clips, Female/female shoots, overnight boudoir Femdom (submissive pays for the hotel), funded filming holidays (submissive pays all costs).

If you are applying for pegging the same goes – tell Me what you can take. I do not engage in aroma play as it makes Me ill. I also do not offer F/m fisting.

Sissies – tell Me what kind of a sissy you are, do you have a name already, do you own your own outfits, do you own wigs or have a preference to frills or maiding or PVC, are you locked in chastity? What size are you and what size feet do you have?

Describe your appearance in general.

If you have filming experience then people you have filmed with are useful to know.

If you have no experience at all in filming the cost to film with Me is the full fee of £200 per hour and a shoot is a minimum of 2 hours long usually 3. I will always ask for a deposit to protect against hire costs of venue and to ensure My time is not wasted. Cancellations from filming subs are very common and filming takes an enormous amount of advance preparation. If someone cancels even 1 week in advance it is likely that investment for the shoot has already taken place with at least 4 hours of work having already gone into planning the shoot. Filming with Me is very rarely free for anyone, but filming days that are free to attend will always go to My owned submissives and loyal filming subs first.

After a few emails of discussing a shoot, talking details and offering whatever information you need I will request a deposit to discuss things further. If you wish to just have a chat about your dream of filming something, then respect My professional time and pay Me by calling the lines or booking Me for that service.

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